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Preparing Your Hair To Wear A Hijab

<div>Even if you would be wrapping your hair in a hijab, it is not excuse to leave it tattered. </div> <p>The hijab is part of a Muslima’severy day wear. It requires a woman to cover her head, neck and chest. It is a symbol of modesty in Islam and for individuals who are committed to dressing modestly. It covers the breast and sensitive parts of the human body that could be appealing to the opposite sex.</p> <p>There are unique ways of wearing a hijab. From wrapping it around your head to layering it around your shoulders, there are diverse ways you can wear it. even a scarf can be worn over in a hijab-like fashion.</p> <p>In this brief article, I’ll give you tips on how to get your hair ready for a hijab. Do you want to know what this is about? Then keep reading.</p> <p><strong>Dry your hair</strong></p> <p>Even if you would be wrapping your hair in a hijab, it is not excuse to leave it tattered. You should begin by ensuring your hair is dry else you could damage the roots. Do not wear a hijab immediately after a hair wash until you have dried the hair. You can now lay a hijab on your dry hair. If you are curious to know more about hijab, I advise you to visit webpage now: <a href=""><strong></strong></a>.</p> <p><strong>Secure the hair in a bun or ponytail</strong></p> <p>If you are wearing long braids, it is best to gather it in the middle and tie it in such a way it doesn’t protrude on the hijab. If you prefer a bun-shaped silhouette, then you can take the bun higher. If you prefer your hair dangling, you can shorten it so it fits into the hijab. don’t tie your hair too tightly as it could be discomforting and cause headache.</p> <p><strong>Clip short hair away from your face</strong></p> <p>Shorter pieces of your hair should be clipped with bobby pins or any convenient hair pin. Clip the face-framing strands beside your temple behind your ear to prevent them from loosening. You can twist the bangs together before pinning them to the back of your head.</p> <p><strong>Wear an underscarf before wearing a hijab</strong></p> <p>After you have pinned your hair to the back, you need to wear an underscarf to keep your hair perfectly in place. The scarf would cover the parts of your hair the hijab would not reach. If possible, get a stretchy fabric for your underscarf because it fits perfectly on the skull. Pin it if necessary so it doesn’t loosen under the hijab.</p> <p><strong>Go for a full underscarf</strong></p> <p>A full underscarf guarantees complete coverage which is why it is popularly called ninja. Wear it such that it covers your hair and ears. The full underscarf is opaque and so, you can wear a slightly opaque hijab over it.</p> <p><strong>Use a bonnet for complete hair coverage</strong></p> <p>Although a bonnet doesn’t cover the neck, it conceals your natural hair. Place it below your hairline then pull the cap over to the back of your hair. Tuck your ears in the bonnet before you tie it at the back.</p> <p>Your head is ready to welcome a hijab after you have followed these steps.</p>

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